Hi, I’m Saki. I write and illustrate children’s books in Brooklyn, NY.

I want to make magic real for kids (and kids-at-heart). For as long as I can remember, I have yearned to discover otherworldly realms. While I never learned to open portals into other dimensions or soar the skies with dragon dogs, I discovered that I could make these dreams come true through the power of reading, writing and drawing.

Being born in Japan to a Mexican mother and Japanese father might explain my fascination with multi-cultural identities and transitional experiences. I grew up moving around the globe, becoming “the new kid” every few years. Looking and sounding “different” was my normal.

I aspire to tell stories that make outsiders feel good about being different, and unlock worlds for dreamers who want to belong. My hope is to create books that make future grown-ups question “why not” and “what if?” by celebrating the big and small wonders of our universe, and reveling in all kinds of gray areas where opposites embrace.

What inspires me?

A huge source of inspiration has been and continues to be beautiful, heart-wrenching children’s books. My bookshelf is brimming full with lots and lots and lots of them. I’ve also got quite a few grown up (ish) books too that I find inspiring and informative. When I’m not reading, I’m usually being moved to tears by surrealist art, nature, the human spirit, food, our universe, music, music, and music. And the master architects of magical worlds, of course.

What've I Been up to?

2019 Cricket Media, illustrating a poem for July/August ‘19 issue of Baby Bug Magazine

2018 Clear Fork Publishing, illustrating a picture book for publication in 2019

2018 Children’s Book Academy, graduate and Golden Ticket winner

2018 Rutgers University Council on Children’s Literature,
recipient of 2018 one-on-one mentorship program

2018 Children’s Book Illustrators Group, became active member

2016 Uppercase Magazine, featured as one of 30 up and coming illustrators

2015 Mehu Gallery, "Equus & Such" Exhibit, New York, NY

2015 SCBWI, became active member

2014 Salmagundi Club, 72nd Audubon Artists Exhibit, New York, NY
Terry Ludwig Award

2014 New York Public Library, "Through the Diorama Glass" Exhibit, New York, NY

Let’s work together!

For children’s book inquiries, please reach out to Linda Pratt at Wernick & Pratt.

Let’s connect!

IG: @sakitales3