Who am I?

Hi, I’m Saki. Not this Saki. Nor this one.

I’m a Mexican-Japanese author-illustrator who grew up in Tokyo, Paris, and D.C. I embraced Pittsburgh during my college years to earn a BFA in Communication Design at Carnegie Mellon University. For the past 8 years, I’ve been lucky enough to have found a home in Brooklyn, NY. I dream of one day adopting a shiba named Peat (Islay scotch = yum), and living in Leadville, CO. When I’m not reading, writing, or drawing, I put my Design Director hat on at a branding agency to create logos for clients like Disney, PetCo, and most recently, Bank of America.

I believe wholeheartedly in P.T. Barnum’s thought that “the noblest art is that of making others happy,” and in the Highlights Foundation’s belief that “children are the world’s most important people.” My mission is to create characters, worlds and stories that will make children happy. As someone who grew up surrounded by many cultures and transitions, I’m fascinated by all kinds of gray areas where two polarities meet: between the real and otherworldly, between belonging and being an outsider, between femininity and masculinity, between East and West. I try to explore these ideas in my work, and visually express this concept of “boundaries” (or lack thereof) in my style. I capture my subjects in a way that hovers between the real and surreal. I try to render them with an impressionistic eye (a possible product of growing up in France), blurring edges and never using just one color in my strokes.

I’ve experimented with a lot of different materials but have found that watercolor and Polychromos pencils on Strathmore mixed media paper works best … for now.

What inspires me?

A huge source of inspiration has been and continues to be beautiful, heart-wrenching picture books. My bookshelf is full of lots and lots of them. I’ve also got quite a few grown up (ish) books too that i find inspiring and informative. When I’m not reading, I’m usually being moved to tears by surrealist art, nature, the human spirit, food, our universe, music, music, and music.

What've I Been up to?

2019 Cricket Media, illustrating a poem for July/August ‘19 issue of Baby Bug Magazine

2018 Clear Fork Publishing, illustrating a picture book for publication in 2019

2018 Children’s Book Academy, graduate and Golden Ticket winner

2018 Rutgers University Council on Children’s Literature,
recipient of 2018 one-on-one mentorship program

2018 Children’s Book Illustrators Group, became active member

2016 Uppercase Magazine, featured as one of 30 up and coming illustrators

2015 Mehu Gallery, "Equus & Such" Exhibit, New York, NY

2015 SCBWI, became active member

2014 Salmagundi Club, 72nd Audubon Artists Exhibit, New York, NY
Terry Ludwig Award

2014 New York Public Library, "Through the Diorama Glass" Exhibit, New York, NY

WanNA work together?

Please reach out to Linda Pratt at Wernick & Pratt.