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What is the point of art, creativity, imagination and storytelling, especially in the face of a tumultuous, unjust, and violent world?

Why do we create?

Girl on a chair, filled with splashes of color, reading a book

April 25, 2024

Feeling like a misfit is something that I think most of us can identify with. For me, not knowing the right words to say was intimately linked to my outsider complex.

Between Words and Worlds

Kai clutching his stone, feeling hesitant to join other children because of his language barrier

April 5, 2024

I was seven when our family moved to France. On my first day at an English speaking elementary school, I was standing alone on the playground at a loss for what to do or say…

The Story Behind the Story

March 15, 2024

Four (plus) years in the making, I’m STOKED I finally get to share this picture book with the world! BETWEEN WORDS is a fantastical reimagining of my experience as a multi-ethnic kid who moved around the globe.

Cover Reveal: Between Words

Cover of BETWEEN WORDS: A FRIENDSHIP TALE, showing a dark-haired, brown-skinned boy waving to a mermaid in a green pool

March 8, 2024

I’m so excited you’ve stumbled into my little corner of the internet. I had mixed feelings about starting a blog… why now and what for? Here are my three main reasons.

Welcome to The Story Portal!

Pictured: Saki Tanaka drawing in her sketchbook at her table in her studio.

March 1, 2024